Missing Home Button – How To Enable Home Button In Google Chrome

Published: September 1, 2022

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Google Chrome Browser – Missing Home Button

Home button in any browser is used to go back to a preset page (usually Google Homepage). When you are on some other website, just click on home button and that takes you back to homepage.

Home Button In Google Chrome Browser

Just in case you do not see the Home Button in your Google Chrome Browser, follow these easy steps and you get back your Home Button.

Step 1

On the top right of your Google Chrome browser, click on the three dots and scroll down to Settings. Click on Settings.

How To Enable Home Button In Google Chrome – Step 1

Step 2

In the left panel, click on Appearance. Enable ‘Show home button’ by clicking on the toggle button.

You’ll be able to see the home button. You can also add home page of your choice as shown in image.

How To Enable Home Button In Google Chrome – Step 2

Check the following video. This might be of help.

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